Pajaritos de Cartón

We need: Two cartons, boxes of milk, round box of cheese, a small tray from the eggs, paint or crayons, KORES gluestick, two cups of low-candles, brushes, a vial of water, ruler, pencil, KORES scissors, sharp knife or paper cutter.


1 Wash thoroughly box of milk and cut the top lid. Then draw the box/mantle - best solution is, that it put directly on the paper and draw the shape, then cutout the carton.

2 By coloured pencils, but rather by colors paint carton- future body of bird. Colors can leave smudge together.

3 Before the mantle dry, cutout future eyes and beak bird from the tray of eggs, so that out the two wells at the along with medium-sized eggs part. Colour eyes and a beak by yellow and orange colors, be aware to wet paper to much, pupils paint by dark fibre-tip or crayon.

4 Glue coloured paper on the box, cut diagonally the beyond paper on the top of and turn them inside the box. Then make by cutter or sharp knife a few slots in the shape of turned V in the front and sides, then turn these slots out.

5 Cut out bigger V on the back side and cut it to the thin tiles that the fire outwards - it will be the tail and hole for the candle.

6 Mark the location at the top where will be the eyes and cut out holes for their establishment. Then put eyes and beak on the places. If we want, we can stick legs underneath and a bird Rainbower is ready.

7 Tasseler has instead the sub-assemblies part of a round box of cheese, body is a cylinder of carton (13 - 15 cm high) coloured yellow on the inside. Attention, we have to do V notches in the developed state before the body we will stick to a base. We can insert candle from above, so that we will create the tail from piece of carton, cutted into strips and stick behind.

8 We have to assist to children during the first ignition and always check the safe establishment of candles, while carelessness could become the place of rainbow fairy tales we will hear firemen sirens directly under own windows.

KORES TIP: If we stick candles to the bottom of birds, we can hang the birds on the tree using wire or stick and now we have a merry o-marker.

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